Can you find all the team members who are reducing your team's Efficiency?



Step 1

Open the App and register your company

Step 2

Open the drawer

Step 3

Tap on the QR Code icon

Step 4

Ask Your employee/colleague to scan the QR code using app on their phone.


As employees/colleagues register by scanning manager's QR code, organisational hierarchy starts taking shape without any extra efforts.

TrackHR hierarchy shows the organisational tree along with the live status of the employees with the following information of all employees:


In Field

Working from Home



Any employee can Check-In/Out from inside the perimeter of the marked office area on TrackHR, enabling attendance based on Geo-Fencing.

Check-In/Out can also be enabled for the employees outside of the office perimeter by marking In-Field or Work From Home.

Every Check-In/Out generates real time notification to the manager along with the location of employee.


Know the whereabouts of your Team at all times, to maintain safety & efficiency.

Boost logistics efficiency of your business by analysing & planning better routes for field force.

Save on costs by automating travel allowance monitoring & analysing daily logs to optimising travel routes and plans.

Put travel target & limit alerts to notify management on real time basis, to reduce communication delay and recurring management costs.



Get Automated Reminders for your tasks and deadlines to stay Focussed and On-Schedule.

Focus more on your work as Automated Reminder Service takes up the task of reminding and keeping team in sync with the schedule, reducing the management and chase up efforts.

Reminder Service auto schedules reminders for

  • Due Dates of Scheduled Tasks
  • Meeting Alert (5 minute prior to Scheduled time)
  • Daily Shift Check-In and Check-Out time alert
  • Planned routine activity alerts


'Activity' lets your team create a list of routine tasks and define KRAs, along with their time logs.

Create, Record & Review all the KRAs of self and team - all on the same platform.

Defining and reviewing execution plan of KRAs made simple and easy, so that you focus on the right things.



Real Time Score Matrix of every employee, based on everyday tasks and plan, to always stay updated of your performance.

Scoring Chart reflecting performance in segregated areas like:

  • Work Time Utilisation Score
  • Routine Activity Score
  • Task Completion & Delay Score
  • Daily Attendance Score
  • And many more..

Accurate and On-Time scoring analysis of each area, gives you a better view of the key focus areas and improvement opportunities to lead the way for your team and organisation.

Curious to know more?

Check out these video tutorials to know more about the app and user interface.

And there is nothing better than trying for yourself.
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